Trump Shot The Sheriff, But He Did Not Shoot The Deputy

Trump metaphorically shot the Sheriff (FBI Director James Comey) but he didn’t shoot the Deputy (Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein) who appointed Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to investigate Trump and all matters Russia. Ironically it was only weeks after he appointed Rosenstein Deputy AG, after firing Sally Yates for allegedly refusing to implement his unconstitutional Muslim Ban. More likely because she was pressuring the administration to do something about Mike Flynn who was literally selling out to Turkey and Russia while assuming the role of National Security Advisor.

Trump is facing challenges to his very existence as President. Despite Republican control of both Houses of Congress and a reluctance of either leader (Ryan or McConnell) to perform their Constitutional role of being a check and balance to the President. The pressure to investigate Trump is picking up steam and the media is battering him with new reports of potentially criminal behavior on a daily basis.

The alternate title to this story is, “I Fought the Law and the Law Won!” Trump made enemies of the intelligence community and they’re kicking his ass. He attacked judges and they’re stopping his agenda. He and Jeff Sessions have reminded African-Americans what the hell they have to lose. Hispanics have learned they’re all being considered “bad hombres” as they see raids and checkpoints throughout their communities, affecting everyone brown without regard to legal status. Log Cabin Republicans have realized that Trump’s promises were no different than Republican leaders who came before. Women have risen up in numbers never before seen. Their march exceeded the size of the inauguration itself. In a way, Trump has become the great uniter he promised during the campaign because increasingly everyone is coming to hate him.

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Trump’s response to being investigated has become increasingly, “Woe is me!” After a whole day of radio silence he tweeted, “This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!” At a commencement address at the Coast Guard academy. He said, “No politician in history, and I say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly.” He should be sure to bring that up to Lincoln or Kennedy the next time they play golf together with Frederick Douglass.

There’s probably something inherently wrong with enjoying the elongated suffering of the President of the United States. Watching him lie and squirm as literally the whole world turns against him. Except apparently Republicans in the House of Representatives and the Senate who could actually remove him. Leaked conversations show some actually believe Trump is being paid by Putin and still they back him. One Republican possibly hoping Trump be removed is Mike Pence who’s started gathering money to fund Republican candidates which is literally trying to buy favor.

Who knows what’s next on the roller coaster of events that is the Trump Presidency. It’s rumored that Sean Spicer will be removed from his role of communicating for the White House on camera because he isn’t properly getting across the President’s message. I hate to tell him but the messenger is the least of his concerns. Spicer, Bannon and Huckabee-Sanders were overheard screaming at each other in the White House. Trump is turning on son-in-law Jared Kushner. No doubt Flynn, Manafort and others are cutting deals with the Feds as we speak to get lighter sentences for rolling on Trump.

This would all be fascinating and better than any movie, were Trump and his lackeys not implementing changes to policy including increasing sentencing for drug offences (reigniting mass incarceration) making drastic cuts to social programs and robbing from the poor to give to the rich. Knowing it’s wrong of me to desire his slow and painful removal. I say let’s do the damn thing right now. His pain will be from forever being known as America’s biggest loser. #YouAreFired

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