I Try Not To Be Petty…

Pastor Mark Burns, assuming he didn’t fake that title as well, is a fraud.

I’ve written about him before, as one of those wanna be’s getting “15 Minutes of Shame.”


He’s earned another 15.

His biography includes a number of things that simply aren’t true. Not mischaracterizations, not exaggerations, but outright lies! Now, who among us has not embellished a little bit on a job application? Who hasn’t tried to present themselves is a more positive light than the record would reflect? What we’re talking about here is degree. Let’s look at his claims.

a mark burns

He claimed to be a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. For anyone that pledged a fraternity or sorority, attended an HBCU or any college. You know how that level of perpetration is viewed. Reports of this fraud started coming out in mid-July but apparently the lie wasn’t big enough for the national media to care.

He claimed to have graduated from North Greenville University with a Bachelors of Science in Business. He actually attended for one semester. Most employers, if they found out about that level of deception would dismiss that person from their employ. We’ll eventually see the Trump campaign response, but then again, shady characters have a home there so he might be good.

He said he served six years in the Army Reserve which he never did. He did however, serve in the South Carolina National Guard which he says makes him part of the reserves.

He claims to be working on an advanced degree from a Seminary that indicates he’s not registered.

He has released a statement in his defense. He says:

“As a young man starting my church in Greenville, South Carolina, I overstated several details of my biography because I was worried I wouldn’t be taken seriously as a new pastor,”  “This was wrong. I wasn’t truthful then and I have to take full responsibility for my actions.

“Since that time I should have taken steps to correct any misrepresentations of my background. We all make mistakes, and I hope that the measure of my character and the quality of my works speak for what kind of person I am.”

Let’s be clear, these aren’t merely the lies he told as a young man while starting a career that languished in a file somewhere until coming to light. These lies are the credentials which he has asked the world to believe he has credibility. He ask’s us to give him credit for the honor of military service, for having completed a college education, for life experiences he simply made up. He asks us to judge him by the quality of his works. This is one of the works for which I will judge him:

a mark burns tweet

As I expected, his white supporters (and Pastor Burns himself) claim that he is only being attacked because “He’s a black man supporting Trump” or “Any time a black man supports conservative views, liberals will find a way to take him down.” Like his non-apology after posting the blackface image of Hillary Clinton. Burns has similarly non-apologized for the false claims covering basically his whole life. The God he claims to serve would accept followers with any background. God uses the remnants which gives Him even greater glory when he uses the least of us in wondrous ways. That Pastor Burns felt he needed to bolster his earthly credentials to serve God say’s more about his character than anything else I can.

Pastor Burns has a wife, six children, and a lot of explaining to do to his family, his church and perhaps even Donald Trump. This is the Trump who claims he surrounds himself with “the best people.” Who talks about “Extreme Vetting.” In reality, he has surrounded himself with people with ties to Russia, that publish racist websites, have harassed women, and that lie about the least of things in the face of insurmountable proof.

Pastor Burns has now cleaned up his website and retracted the false claims. At this point, he feels he’s being persecuted for his beliefs. No Pastor, you’re being persecuted because you can’t be believed!


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