Another Bad Donald Trump Day In Review: 3/24/2017

Donald Trump had yet another bad day. It’s not only a trend it’s pretty much the forecast for the foreseeable future.

Sad Trump
  1. After promising so much, his Trumpcare died a pitiful death in the House of Representatives. Not only was the vote never held because they didn’t have the votes to pass their bill. Republicans were exposed in their lack of concern for the American people by demonstrating their willingness to negotiate away coverage for maternal care and for mental illness. I can’t help but point out they voted a few days ago to make certain the mentally ill can buy guns. What can possibly go wrong.
  2. The claim by House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes that Trump was monitored fell apart. He now says he doesn’t have in hand any documentation, doesn’t know what’s in it. He came forward because “He’s (Trump) been taking a lot of heat in the media!”Nunes actions make it far more likely there’ll be an independent investigation because he’s proven he can’t be impartial.
  3. Sean Spicer… I almost don’t need to say anything else. Sean Spicer derided reporters for inquiring about the impending collapse of the Republican Health Care bill, asking them to be, “more positive.”
  4. Trump held a press conference during which he blamed the Democrats for the inability of Republicans to agree on a Health Care Plan. This came after leaks showing he also blames Paul Ryan, the Freedom Caucus and Ben Carson. Okay Ben Carson was a joke, nobody believes he’s responsible for anything including the Department he’s the Cabinet Secretary for.
  5. Trump “approved” the Keystone XL Pipeline on paper which brings the project no closer to gaining local approvals for permits and from the State of Nebraska. Trump claims the project will add 28,000 permanent jobs. This is contradicted by the State Department which calculates the actual number of permanent jobs created will be 35.
  6. Eric Trump promised to inform his father regularly about the business he’s running so that daddy won’t have a conflict of interest. Eric said those reports would come, “probably quarterly.” He made that statement just minutes after he said, “I don’t talk about the government with him, and he does not talk about the business with us.”
  7. Russia, never forget about Russia. Paul Manafort has agreed voluntarily before the House Oversight Committee. Of course the earlier mentioned Devin Nunes who chairs the committee, arbitrarily canceled a public hearing so there’s no guarantee we’ll ever know what he says.
  8. Did I tell you Trump blamed Democrats for his Health Care failure. Such a kidder that Donald.

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Trumpcare: The State of Healthcare in America (How Many More People Will Die?)

” To illuminate how distorted things have become. President Trump has been willing to drop Mental Health Coverage from the list of present guaranteed services. This a few days after Republicans voted to ensure access to guns for the mentally ill.”

How did we get to the point where the discussion on health care has come down to how much less coverage can be provided and how much tax relief can be granted to already rich people? Ideology has trumped and exposed that concern for the American people is only imagined. The less political clout a constituency has, the less they get.

For those that imagined that the new President was your champion when he promised to provide a “great plan.” To paraphrase Kanye West, “Donald Trump doesn’t give a damn about sick people.” To illuminate how distorted things have become. President Trump has been willing to drop Mental Health Coverage from the list of present guaranteed services. This a few days after Republicans voted to ensure access to guns for the mentally ill. To the women who ignored all the misogyny Trump demonstrated not just during the campaign but during his lifetime. He’s also willing to negotiate away maternal care. Did you forget he was a scorpion?

Although Republicans are at the forefront of the current campaign to kill The Affordable Care Act. Democrats share responsibility for where we find ourselves after running away from supporting “Obamacare” for political reasons for the last 7 years. I blame them that many Americans are just finding out that their existing coverage whether it be by Medicaid expansion or participation in exchanges with names that sound nothing like Obamacare, is now at risk.

The Republican Party is imploding right in front of us in a race to serve their masters as opposed to the people. Their priorities are in order:



  1. Provide Tax Relief to the already wealthy
  2. Position themselves best for re-election
  3. Reduce the public cost (and benefits) of Medicare, Medicaid, and healthcare overall
  4. Ship off responsibility to the states while simultaneously capping expenditures
  5. Providing the appearance of caring for any but the wealthy

There are two things Congress could do to be taken seriously on anything they say about health care:

  1. They could vote to change their own government based health care plans to be the exact coverage they offer to all other Americans
  2. Include in the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates the answer to a single question. How many more people will die?

That’s the entire question in a nutshell. How many people are we willing to let die to reduce taxes? Don’t distract by claiming greater access as opposed to coverage. No more talk about percentage of Counties with limited providers. I just want to know how many more people will die?

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