Trump’s Amazingly Bad Day in Review: 4/11/2017

As bad days go. This ranks right up there with one of his worst. May he have many more and let them be increasingly bad.

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  1. In the preliminary round of bad news. Trump spokesman Sean Spicer compared Hitler favorably to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. He somehow stated that even “someone as despicable as Hitler who didn’t sink to using chemical weapons.” He obviously forgot about the millions of Jews sent to gas chambers in the concentration camps. Spicer continued digging a hole for himself when given a chance to clarify his statements. Later he gave a rare television interview where he sort of apologized and swore President Trump didn’t make him do it. In an unrelated tweet, President Trump wishes everyone a “Happy Passover.”
  2. Trump’s directive to send an aircraft carrier and two destroyers toward North Korea has resulted in a threat of Nuclear War from the other child-like leader. Despite the threats from Kim Jong-un, the stips steam onward.
  3. In an report from the Washington Post. It was revealed that a secret FISA warrant was issued and renewed at least once, allowing the FBI to monitor all conversations involving former Trump foreign policy advisor Carter Page. It’s reported the request for the warrant alleges that Page knowingly was an agent for the Russian government. When asked for a quote, Page denied the allegations.
  4. The Government Accountability Office announced a review of the Trump presidential transition. Focusing on funding, ethics and communications with foreign governments. The review was requested by Sen Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Elijah Cummings.

Trump is indeed living in interesting times. May they only get worse.

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