Trump’s Amazingly Revealing, Very Bad Day: 4/28/2017

I’ve written about several of Donald Trump’s bad days. What passes for a good day for him is when he says nothing, tweets nothing and is neither seen nor heard. I confess to a bit of literary license in including some events that were technically last night but still within 24 hours.

Sad Trump


  1. Trump in an interview with Reuters said, “We could have a major, major conflict with North Korea… absolutely!” In response North Korea apparently is saying, “Bring it on!” They launched a ballistic missile today in an apparent FU to Donald Trump.
  2. Amazingly, in the same interview he criticized ally South Korea, our 6th largest trade partner. Condemning our current trade agreement which he called “horrible” and “unacceptable!”
  3. Tomorrow on his hundredth day in office. Trump will hold a rally in Pennsylvania where he once again will recount his victory in November. He’ll tout his legislative accomplishments (although there are none). He’ll talk about his great health care plan which the House announced they won’t bring to the floor, lacking the votes. He also reminded today of both his racism and misogyny calling Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas!”
  4. On the Russian front which will not go away. It’s now reported that the Trump Campaign did do a background check on Mike Flynn. Mike Pence, Jeff Sessions and Trump himself all have claimed they knew nothing about Flynn’s income from Turkey and Russia although it was widely reported in the media. They were also notified by the acting Attorney General and by Congress. Their lies continue but the truth keeps getting revealed.
  5. Son-in-law Jared could be facing legal troubles due to his involvement with a firm found to have paid bribes to another nation. This is actually illegal for American firms to do business with corrupt firms. The race seems to be on to see who from the Trump Administration will be charged with a crime first.
  6. Trump demonstrated he has learned something while in office. He has learned being President wasn’t easier than his old job.

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