Trump’s Week In Review: The Worst Week of His Entire Life 5/17/2017

In the four months he’s been President, Donald Trump has had some pretty bad days and weeks. During the campaign when the Access Hollywood tape leaked where he described himself sexually assaulting women and “grabbing ’em by the pussy.” That was a bad week. In his business career, he’s experienced business failings and bankruptcies and for a man with his ego that was bad. Failed marriages, bad hair, the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner where he was mocked by President Obama… all bad. This week however, has already been the worst of his life. And it’s still early.

a lies and videotape


  1. An audio tape of House Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority leader Kevin McCarthy was leaked to The Washington Post showing them discussing their belief that Donald Trump and California Congressman Dana Rohrabacher were paid by Putin. When confronted by a reporter Ryan first denied the comment was ever made. When told “there is a transcript” a Ryan spokesman said, “this never happened.” When told there was audio of the tape, they said it was “just a bad joke.” This statement was made about a month before the Republican nomination. At the time McCarthy made the statement. Ryan said, “No leaks! This is how we know we’re family!”
  2. The New York Times revealed that Mike Flynn told the Trump transition team (including Mike Pence) that he was under Federal investigation and they appointed him as National Security Advisor anyway showing utter disdain for his transgressions.
  3. The Department of Justice named former FBI Director Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to investigate the Trump campaign’s relationship with Russia and possible collusion during the campaign. Mueller has a broad mandate to investigate “all things Russia” including Trump’s business relationships, loans and transactions.
  4. After firing FBI Director James Comey, Trump apparently worried about what Comey might have to say. He tweeted, “James Comey better hope that there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press.” Trump in one tweet reminded people of Richard Nixon who was ultimately forced to resign and pissed off James Comey. Comey associates told the press that Comey had made a contemporaneous memo which he sent to friends detailing Trump inquiring whether he could make the investigation of Mike Flynn “go away” which would be Obstruction of Justice. Trump hasn’t tweeted since.
  5. White House staffers had to turn the volume up on TV’s so that reporters couldn’t hear screaming and yelling coming from a meeting where Steve Bannon, Sean Spicer and Sarah Huckabee Sanders were trying to figure out how to respond to all the bad news and leaks.
  6. It was revealed that Trump himself gave highly classified information from a third party to Russian officials while boasting about “all the great intelligence” he gets. Spokesmen including Sean Spicer and Gen McMaster ran to the cameras swearing it never happened until Trump himself in an interview with Lester Holt admitted he did. It turned out it was Israel that provided the US the information who had to be called and told their source could be in danger as a result. Allies around the world are reconsidering whether to pass along information to the US because of Trump’s possibly being compromised by Russia or just his loose lips.
What Trump Does In The Dark
What Trump Does In The Dark


All this happened within the last week. I’m sure I’ve forgotten major things because Donald is so prolific in his horrible actions and total lack of control. With the appointment of the Special Counsel, scheduled testimony from Comey and others including a public hearing and the continuing releases about things Trump has done. He’s continuing what Republican Senator Bob Corker refers to as “a downward spiral.” Let’s hope he continues right down the drain!

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