Omarosa Fights Back, With Tapes To Back Her Up!

Let’s get out of the way the fact that Omarosa Manigault-Newman is not the most credible person in the world. She’s self-promoting, conniving, vicious, and as goal-oriented as anyone you’d ever want to meet. This was a perfect set of skills to operate in a reality show environment… and the Donald Trump White House.

Then she got fired, depending on which version you believe possibly dragged out of the White House kicking and screaming. Her 15-year relationship with Donald Trump, come to a bitter end. Prior to the separation, Omarosa was offered a consulting job with Donald J. Trump For President, Inc., paying $15,000 monthly, provided she signed a non-disclosure agreement demanding she says nothing negative about Trump, Mike Pence, or any of their family members and companies. She also would not be able to assist any other campaign. Omarosa refused to sign the agreement after being fired from the White House, instead, she bet on herself, writing the tell-all book, “Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House.

The official response to her book, well before it came out, was to brand her a liar. Of concern to publishers was that Omarosa has no base of supporters. She has been ostracized by Trump loyalists who might have bought her book in droves had she praised him. She has few (if any) friends on the left, who remember her saying they would “bow down” before Trump. Even black people suspect her newfound affection for her people is motivated by profits and nothing else. She may well be one of the most disliked people in America, she was branded a liar with few in her corner. Several publishers doubted the viability of her book and passed. Omarosa seemed to stumble out of the gate with conflicting information about whether or not she had personally heard audio of a tape of Trump using “the N-word” during outtakes of “The Apprentice.” Attacks were fast and furious, then she struck back.

Omarosa blindsided Trump by announcing she had audio tapes of members of the Trump administration including Trump himself. She says she has documentation for everything said in her book including that Trump is a bigot,a misogynist, and mentally unstable. She first released a tape of John Kelly firing her in the Situation Room, seeming to make veiled threats should she not go with the program. She provided a tape of Trump on a phone call to her, claiming he knew nothing about her firing and didn’t love that he was gone. She dropped a bombshell, in seeming contradiction with her book when she claimed she’d heard the tape of Trump using the word “nigger” on the set of The Apprentice. She even claimed White House communications staff discussed a plan to respond to the tape should it be released including Katrina Pierson who is also African-American and Lynn Patton. The people involved said no such call ever took place and again called Omarosa a liar. Fox News dedicated segments to brand Omarosa as a pathological liar with absolutely no credibility. Then Omarosa produced a tape of those individuals discussing how to handle the situation including one of the women inferring Trump had acknowledged it. In response to Omarosa’s claims, Trump has called her a “low-life” and “a dog!”

Omarosa’s book came out today. It debuted #5 on Amazon book sales in her category but sales are not comparable to previously released books on this Administration. Omarosa is out doing all the news shows hyping her book. She is shameless, focused on hyping her book, making questionable statements without documentation, yet there’s one thing going for her… she’s got more tapes. Whatever you think of Omarosa, she’s giving as much as she’s getting and not backing down. We will see!

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