In Defense Of Herman Cain, Why Should He Be Vetted?

Donald Trump has told confidants he wants to appoint Herman Cain to the Federal Reserve Board. He’s waiting until Cain passes his background check which is what I’m objecting to. Why should the black man be vetted before submission to the Senate for approval when nobody else in the Trump Administration was forced to?

Trump has submitted people for Federal Judges that have neither been judges nor tried a case. He’s forced through 25 Security Clearances for people the career staff said were unworthy based on their past; financial ties, drug, use, criminal behavior, and potential for blackmail. We got an Acting Attorney General who had his firm shut down by the FTC and fined $26 Million for deceiving customers. The white nominee for the other Federal Reserve Board opening, Stephen Moore, owes the IRS $75,000. Cheated his wife out of $300,000 in their divorce settlement, and bragged about his mistress in front of his kids. Nobody vetted him.

It’s grossly unfair that the Trump Administration has supported crooks, liars, pedophiles, Attorneys that gave special deals to pedophiles and ensured other pedophiles remained hidden, unqualified candidates, and perjurers, without vetting any of them, and now they want to vet Hermain Cain. Even then, the normal thing to do would be to vet them first before making his name public. Should they uncover something, no need to publicly embarrass him? Just let him slink away without being shamed.

In full disclosure, I’ve met Herman Cain, played a round of golf with him while he was still the C.E.O. of Godfather’s Pizza and before he became a political figure. Before he became a right-wing radio personality and before his run for President. He came across as a nice guy, actually humble. He even has seven years of experience in some capacity with the Kansas City Federal Reserve between 1989–1996. I don’t care if he was the custodian, that puts him head and shoulders above many of Trump’s other nominees. Vetting him is an obvious double standard which shouldn’t be permitted.