When Love And Politics Clash

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I’d like to believe that reasonable people can hold different views and agree to disagree on any number of subjects. I’ve dated people both more liberal and conservative than I and generally it hasn’t made much of a difference. Although I am deep into politics and try to stay up on a wide variety of issues. It’s not important to me that someone I date do so, in fact. I would hope and expect that she has interests apart from mine, some of which we may share and some we don’t.

The Age of Trump is putting all of this to the test. I have (looking for the right word here) people I know, (friends would not have been accurate) that are Trump advocates. We rarely discuss politics but when we do, the divide between us is apparent. We are living in two separate universes with completely different sets of facts. We can coexist only because we ignore each other to some degree which works fine enough in a work environment but is not a good way to run your love life.

In a relationship, I don’t need for someone to agree with all my views, differing views are welcome as long as they come with an open mind. I would love someone to challenge my opinions with theirs, present new facts (facts are generally considered to be true things as opposed to say, lies) to be considered and another perspective. It is not important to me that I convince you that I’m right. It would be fine if we rarely discussed politics at all, assuming our life was rich with other topics.

There are no doubt some deal breakers. If you support pedophiles because they’re the nominee of your party, that’s not gonna work. If you want to work for the Committee for the Re-Election of the President (aptly nicknamed CREEP in the Nixon years), it just won’t do. There are some boundaries that just can’t be crossed and it seems there are more of those lines popping up every day. Maybe opposites do attract? But they can also repel. I won’t tell anyone else how to run their love life but suggest proceeding with caution.

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