Even Whiter Audiences Donald Trump Could Speak To?

Donald Trump seems to be having a hard time finding any black people to speak in front of while reaching out to African-Americans in front of virtually all-white audiences. Instead of speaking in Milwaukee he found a 95% white town on the outskirts. When in Michigan, instead of Detroit he found a similarly white suburb to hold his rally. These are the locations he chose to reach out to black people.  He claims to be offering them something better and that after 4 years of Trump, “95% of African-Americans” would vote for his re-election.

I thought I’d be helpful in pointing out some places for Donald Trump not to go, that are even whiter than the places he’s been already.

a klan rally

A Klan rally is probably not your best bet

a college republicans

This group in Texas is their College Republican Party Chapter. Don’t go there.

Alpha Gamma Delta at Univ of Alabama

The sorority houses at the University of Alabama are not a good bet.

A Republican Intern meeting

The meeting of Republican Congressional Interns won’t help either.

Too bad you turned down opportunities to speak in front of actual black organizations before you started pretending to be on our side. This you do because you really wish to convince Republican’s and Independents that you really aren’t so racist after all and therefore no one to be afraid of. There was a forum in which you reached a great number of black people, one we’ll never forget. It was your full-page ad in the New York Times and other newspapers, advocating the death of six black boys who incidentally were found to be innocent.

a bring back

Forgive me Donald if your recent words don’t erase a lifetime of discrimination against black renters in your properties and a long trail of racist statements. Before I forget because nobody else seems to be asking you. How’s that child rape case going?



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