What Happened To Kanye? He Doesn’t Care About Black People

In 2005, in the days after Hurricane Katrina, Kanye West famously said, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” on national television during a live fundraiser. He was speaking about the inadequate response to the devastation affecting the Gulf Coast of the United States, primarily affecting black people. The 2005 Kanye, saw black people suffering and spoke out, unconcerned for how it might affect his career. That Kanye has been replaced by a self-promoting clown who has discarded the concern for black people he once possessed.

In 2018, while Hurricane Michael is still leaving a wake of devastation in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Kanye went to the White House and met with Donald Trump. He was purportedly there to discuss the City of Chicago and gun violence. Instead, he joked with reporters during an impromptu press conference. Not outlining his plans for improving things in Chicago (not that he has any expertise to call upon), he didn’t focus on the destruction caused by Hurricane Michael and call for people to support the victims and help with reconstruction. He bragged about his “love” for the man who defended Klan members and Skinheads as “very fine people,” after the deadly incident in Charlottesville, VA. We all know who Trump is; from his advocating for the death penalty for the Central Park 5 to his open appeal to white nationalists who have found a home in his base.

Kanye recently said the 400 years of slavery for black people in America was “a choice.” He also advocated abolishing the 13th Amendment which outlawed slavery which he related somehow to full employment. In response to a huge backlash, Kanye deleted his Twitter account which he does from time to time when the public doesn’t agree with him.

Kanye West is a brilliant musician… a genius in that aspect of his life. That doesn’t give him any expertise in stopping gun violence in Chicago or evaluating this administration’s public policy. Give him props for speaking up against Stop & Frisk, but that comment was lost in his Oval Office diatribe in which he promoted himself and Trump, forgetting all about the black people he once championed. People have speculated that Kanye has been suffering from a form of PTSD since the death of his mother. Others blame the Kardashian curse. It’s clear he now finds himself in the sunken place, and instead of seeking the way out, he’s digging deeper.

FEAR: Trump In The White House by Bob Woodward

For those that don’t know, Bob Woodward along with Carl Bernstein were responsible, perhaps more than any others for bringing down Richard Nixon as President in the Watergate era. Their dogged reporting in the pages of the Washington Post provided the information that led to Nixon’s Impeachment in the House and Senate hearings that led to his resignation. Portrayed by Robert Redford in the movie, “All The President’s Men.” Woodward has as much credibility as any reporter in American history, save Walter Cronkite. He’s known for his thoroughness, his ability to get interviews, and the veracity of his reporting.

Excerpts from his newest book on Donald Trump could easily have been titled, “Trump: It’s Worse Than You Think,” because indeed it is. Excerpts from the book, due to be released September 11, 2018, reveal how Trump is viewed by those who work closest to him. Then again, “Fear” as a title is quite appropriate as well. Here are some examples:

“Don’t testify. It’s either that or an orange jumpsuit” — John Dowd

To convince Trump not to grant an interview to the Mueller team. His lead attorney John Down scheduled a mock interview on January 27th, 2018. Facing stiff questions from Dowd, Trump stumbled, rambled and lied, before eventually throwing up his hands calling the investigation, “a goddamn hoax.” Dowd later met with the Mueller team saying, “I’m not going to let the President look like an idiot.”

“We’re in Crazytown. I don’t even know why any of us are here. This is the worst job I’ve ever had.” — John Kelly

Trump constantly belittled his staff. He told Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, “I don’t want you doing any more deals. You’re past your prime.” When White House adviser Gary Cohn tried to resign after Trump’s Charlottesville comments equating Neo-Nazis, skinheads and Klan members with protesters, Trump accused him of treason. According to Cohn, he viewed Trump as “a professional liar.” About Jeff Sessions he said, The guy is mentally retarded. He’s this dumb Southerner. He couldn’t even be a one-person lawyer down in Alabama.

“This was no longer a presidency. This is no longer a White House. This is a man being who he is.” — Rob Porter

Chief of Staff John Kelly reportedly called Trump, “an idiot.” Since the excerpts were published has denied this although that comment had been widely reported early in his tenure. Defense Secretary Mattis said, “He has the foreign policy understanding of a fifth or sixth grader. Former Chief of Staff calls the Presidential bedroom, “the devil’s workshop.”

“Nobody told me about it, and I would’ve loved to have spoken to you. You know I’m very open to you. I think you’ve always been fair.” — Donald Trump

This is what Trump said before the excerpts came out. Something vastly different is coming to a tweet near you, once someone reads the book and tells Trump what’s in it. We know all too well the President doesn’t read.

Look for wide-ranging responses to come out of the White House. Expect none of them to be true. Another day in the life of this raggedy Presidency.


The Real Housewives Of The White House

Cast: Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump, Candy Carson (Ben), Hope Hicks (Corey Lewandowski and Rob Porter), Louise Linton (Steve Mnuchen), Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Bryan Sanders), Renda St. Clair (Rex Tillerson)

Setting: The Prince of Wales Roon (Residence dining room in White House)

Date: March 13, 2018

Occasion: Lunch

Ivanka said, “Sorry I’m late, I was rushing with the kids this morning and couldn’t get out of the house.”

Louise said, “Cut the crap Ivanka, you know your nanny handles the kids and you only show up for the photo-ops.”

Candy said, “Can’t we all just get along? It’s so nice of Melania to host us every week isn’t it?”

Melania said, “Pleasure is mine Candy, is important we stay together in these times. By way, Renda called and can’t make it, says Rex was fired this morning while in Africa.”

Sarah said, “Damn, they’re going to give me hell at the briefing this afternoon, I may have to leave early and come up with a story.”

Louise said, “You’ll be fine Sarah, you’re the best. Nobody lies like you do.”

Melania said, “If we could please handle important business. What can I do about all these news stories about Stormy Daniels? Is ruining Donald’s reputation.”

Candy said, “Hmmph, not doing much for yours either.”

Ivanka said, “Why are you such a bitch Candy? I don’t see why you come anyway, your husband is barely part of the White House anyway.”

Candy said, “Honestly, I love the furniture in this place. I’m always getting redecorating ideas for our office.”

Louise said, “You mean Ben’s office, don’t you? You don’t actually work there.”

Candy said, “Can’t prove that by me.”

Hope Hicks said, “Let’s get back to Stormy Daniels, her lawyer is all over TV demanding the right to ‘tell her story.’ How can we get her off the news?”

Louise said, “Why don’t you write a glowing statement about Donald who would never do anything Stormy’s implying. Your letter supporting Rob Porter worked so well.”


Melania said, “I don’t know what to do, that bastard never stops humiliating me. Porn stars, that damn Access Hollywood video. We sleep in separate bedrooms, I take trips alone, every time he reaches for my hand in public I slap his hand away. How do I get out of this mess?”

Louise said, “There’s always divorce, how bad is your pre-nup?”

Melania simply hung her head in shame.

Sarah said, “Why did you come here anyway, weren’t you better off in New York?”

Candy said, “She heard the rumors about Donald and Hope.”

Hope said, “That was never true, I only slept with Corey and Rob.”

Louise said, “Melania, you could go into acting or do modeling again, that could make you some money?”

Melania said, “All the offers I get want to see me nude, I don’t do that anymore.”

Louise said, “I did a nude scene in a movie not long ago and it didn’t hurt me at all.”

Sarah said, “How many of us here saw, ‘Intruder’?”

Nobody raised their hand

Sarah said, “If you appear nude in a movie and nobody saw it, did you really appear nude? Don’t worry, The President had the film screened last night in the Theatre, be looking for his move on you soon.”

Louise said, “You are so holier than thou Sarah, you hooked up with a man you hired for your father’s campaign. You just married him that’s all.

Ivanka said, “I’m sorry Melania, I wish I could help you, Jared’s having a hard time in the media too so I understand.”

Candy said, “What are you going to do if Jared goes to jail?”

Ivanka stared at Candy, “We’re supposed to be a support group. How does it feel to know your husband’s boss once said he had the ‘psychology of a child molester’?”

Candy said, “How does it feel to know your father would have dated you and is always feeling you up?”

Sarah said, I have to go get ready for my briefing, I hate my job.”

Melania said, “Try having mine!”

Candy said, “I have to leave as well. That’s a beautiful lamp by the way, how much was it?

Louise said, “I better run too, Steve and I are taking a private plane somewhere, he’s always surprising me!’

Melania said, “You’re newlywed, surprises never stop, they just stop involving you.”

Sarah said, “Melania, has Donald ever asked you to give him a golden shower? Never mind, I need deniability if someone asks. Good luck with that Stormy Daniels thing. I’ll do my best to change the subject.”

Ivanka said, “I never should have left New York.”

Melania said, “Same time next week girls?”

In unison, “Wouldn’t miss it!”

Sarah Smile… (Apologies to Hall & Oates)

“If you feel like leaving, you know you can go”

Baby hair with a woman’s eyes
I can feel you watching in the night
All alone with me and we’re waiting for the sunlight

When I feel cold, you warm me
And when I feel I can’t go on, you come and hold me
It’s you and me forever

Sarah, smile
Oh, won’t you smile awhile for me, Sarah?

If you feel like leaving you know you can go
But why don’t you stay until tomorrow?
And if you want to be free
You know all you got to do is say so

When you feel cold, I’ll warm you
And when you feel you can’t go on, I’ll come and hold you
It’s you and me forever

Sarah, smile

Amy Sherald Unveils Portrait Of Michelle Obama At Smithsonian

Amy Sherald unveiled her portrait of Michelle Obama for the Smithsonian collection, the only location outside of the White House featuring portraits of all former Presidents and First Ladies. In separate ceremonies, portraits of Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama were revealed at the Smithsonian. The portrait of Barack Obama was done by Kehinde Wiley.

President Obama told the artist, “Amy, I want to thank you for so spectacularly capturing the grace and beauty and the intelligence and charm and hotness of the woman that I love.”

Michelle Obama commented, “Girls, and girls of color, will see an image of someone who looks like them hanging on the walls of this great American institution … And I know the kind of impact that will have on their lives because I was one of those girls.”

Amy is a graduate of Clark-Atlanta University and was the Spelman College International Artist-In-Residence in Portobelo, Panama. In May 2018, she will present a solo exhibition at Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis, MO.


A House Totally Without Honor

We’ve officially run out of hope there was anyone in the White House with some semblance of honor. None we can trust in discussing the smallest of matters, let alone the big ones. The nation knew what it was getting in Donald Trump, serial cheater with an extensive background of sexual assault and financial bad faith. Liar extraordinaire.

a a asss

There was some hope that those around him would do better, perhaps appeal to his better self should it exist. We were told he’d assembled an excellent National Security team. Men of honor who would put country first ahead of politics. Flynn, Tillerson, Pompeo, and Mattis. Gen. Mike Flynn lasted 24 days before resigning after reports of undisclosed meetings with Russians and being an undeclared foreign agent for Turkey. Tillerson has presided over the gutting of the State Department and the world sees him as castrated, unable to speak for the President without being overridden by a tweet. Pompeo recently proclaimed the Intelligence Agencies concluded Russia had no impact on the Presidential election when they said no such thing. Mattis initially fought the good fight but soon crumbled. becoming just another sycophant.

a a a a moron

The professional liars that speak for the President; Spicer and Scaramucci are long gone, soulless Sanders misinforms us now with guest appearances on television by Kellyanne. Bannon left but exerts more power on the President and his Party than ever before. Someone has to coordinate with the Neo-Nazis, skinheads, and white supremacists.

a a racisst

They told us Ivanka would be a good influence, promoting women’s issues, child care and protecting dreamers. Having influence on none of those things, she’s settled for her new business deals with China. Her free time is spent on her hidden e-mail account on a private server and talking with her new criminal attorney.

a a nepotisssm

Jared was that bright young man that was our next, best hope. It seems he’s had even more Russian contacts than Flynn and almost as many conflicts of interest as his father-in-law. He hired some of the best criminal defense attorneys in the country, beating the run on criminal lawyers by pretty much the rest of the Administration as they ready themselves for Special Counsel Mueller’s questions. We won’t mention Manafort who didn’t even make it through the campaign before millions in Ukranian cash payments from pro-Putin oligarchs tripped him up. The FBI assures him he’ll be indicted.

Manafort under the bus

It seemed the only honorable person left in the White House was Gen. Kelly. That was before he stood behind the White House podium and lied about a speech by Congresswoman Frederica Wilson. Of course, Sarah Huckabee Sanders stands by the lie which makes it doubly false. He was “stunned” that the Congresswoman, “listened in” to a call from the President to the widow of a fallen Green Beret. This while Kelly and “several others” according to Sanders were listening in when the President made the call.

a a a a kelly


There is nobody left we can hope to believe about anything. I’m waiting patiently until we get to the stage where we have public testimony in the Russia hearings. Lie then!


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