What Is It Trump Doesn’t Want You To See?

Democratic Senator Catherine Cortez Mastro (D-Nev) undertook a tour of several detention centers where immigrant children were being held. Some were torn away from their parents while crossing the border seeking asylum. She notified the centers in advance of her intended visits. When she reached the Casa Presidente facility in Texas, she was denied access because it was “private property.” She was allowed to see what the government wanted to see, not what they have chosen to hide.

This scenario is now playing out across the country as more and more facilities are identified and the public demands to known what the conditions are. Occasionally, elected officials and sometimes the press are allowed into selected facilities. Always under the condition they not speak to the children, no audio, and no cameras, no cameras, never any cameras. It may well have been the unauthorized leak of the voices of young girls crying for their family that pushed Trump to issue the Executive Order that stops future separations of families. This does not affect those families already separated, some of those families may never be reunited. They release selective pictures depicting what they want you to think. What is it they don’t want us to see?

On May 12, 2018 a distraught Honduran man allegedly killed himself, weeks after he was separated from his wife and child at the border. Marco Antonio Munoz was found dead in his cell although under watch, his death was not reported in local media and never publicly disclosed by the Department of Homeland Security. Starr County Sheriff’s Deputies recorded the incident as a “suicide in custody” in their reports. What is it the government doesn’t want you to know?

We know from reporting that several children have been taken to the hospital since the implementation of Zero-Tolerance by Donald Trump. The children had no medical records. What we don’t know, and can’t rely on the Trump Administration to tell us is, how many people have died while in custody by any cause, suicide, murder or natural death? How many children have been assaulted, harassed or raped? We read about children being given excessive doses of medical drugs issued by psychiatrists, what is the truth? How many families will never be reunited because the government never thought to track them in the first place. How many children are being given up for adoption to American families while their own families desperately want them back?

These are the things being hidden by our government. They would distract you by focusing by Administration members being heckled while at restaurants. We would rather know the answers to these questions? We must not stop until we uncover that which they are hiding. Melania Trump may not really care? The question is… do U?