When A Madman Takes Control

The title of “World’s Most Deranged Leader” has been usurped from North Korea’s Kim Jong-il. In less than a week Donald Trump has demonstrated what should be worrisome to all Americans if not the world. It’s abundantly clear that the greatest military in the world is now in the hands of a petulant child. Operating with little restraint and surrounded by sycophants would consider a good day hiding his phone and taking back  his statements.


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Without getting into the many policy disagreements I have with Trump, in those cases where one can actually discern his policies. I’ll focus mainly on the lunacy. That which represents a clear and present danger to this nation and its citizens. Ad the other steps taken this week have helped no Americans, only hurt them.

While speaking to the CIA, he brought a crowd of his own cheerleaders and placed them in front of the Wall of Stars honoring those  who’d given their lives in service to their country. They cheered his every word to make it look like he was a hero to the CIA rank and file. He mused we should have “taken the oil” when we had a sizable force in Iraq and suggested we “might get another chance.” In a few words he put American’s serving in oil rich nations at risk when fears of American opportunism now had a name and face, Donald Trump.

While issues rage around the world including in North Korea, Africa and the Mideast. Trump has shown his focus was on the crowd size of his inauguration and the negative comparison to the Obama Inaugurations and even the Women’s March protest the following day. His insecurity and pettiness knows no bounds. His desire to retaliate legendary.

One of his first actions was to sign an executive order limiting funding for women’s reproductive services around the world. None of that money was funding abortion but with a group of mostly old white men by his side, he signed away.


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Another act was to stop an order that would have saved first time home-buyers an average of five hundred dollars on FHA loans. He’s issued orders making it harder for Americans to get health care. Issued a freeze on Federal hiring (except the military). Ordered his Press Secretary to chastise the press about their reporting on the Inauguration and said it was “seen by the most people in history… period!” and personally described the crowd as between 1 to 1.5 million.

Anybody paying attention knew Trump was a liar. During the Presidential campaign, 70% of Trump’s statements were deemed false by PolitiFact. 11% were deemed completely true. He has taken his lies to new heights by ordering his staff to make easily disprovable lies on his behalf. One spokesperson even gave us the term, “Alternative Facts” which should embarrass her forever. He claimed today he only lost the popular vote because of the “millions of illegals” that supported his opponent.

There is a danger when a petty, vindictive, small minded man has control of the nuclear codes. When he has an uncontrollable urge to be the center of attention at all times and has no fear in being involved in multiple running feuds across the world. There is one blessing that his chosen method of communication is tweeting. If give more than 140 characters there’s no telling how much more damage he could do.

Trump Russia

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I won’t speculate as to what his actual relationship is to Vladimir Putin and Russia. I’ll let the nations intelligence agencies continue to investigate intercepted communications and follow the money trail leading from the Kremlin to the US. That in addition to having no self-control, petulance beyond measure and no attention span, that he might also be under Russian influence is too much to consider without more evidence. Hopefully he’ll be unable to stop those investigations as his cronies get approved and come into power.

There have been madmen that were heads of state before. Henry VI of England was bipolar and often became unaware of anything around him. Emperor Caligula of Rome had a whole family executed while he laughed. The youngest, a 12-year old girl pleaded for mercy because she was a virgin. He had the executioner rape her first before killing her anyway. I rather liken Trump to the Zhengde Emperor of China who played make-believe in the Royal Gardens and made others play along. I wonder what he’ll do when we stop playing along?

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