Tyree King: What We Know!



Tyree King, a 13-year-old black boy was killed by police Wednesday in Columbus, Ohio.

What the police tell us: He was shot during the course of an armed robbery investigation that occurred at 7:42 PM

What we know: Tyree King died  at Nationwide Children’s Hospital at 8:22 after being shot multiple times by police in an alley.




What the police tell us: After being chased along with two other suspects, Tyree pulled a gun from his waistband and pointed it at officers who feared for their lives. The gun turned out to be a BB Gun with a laser scope.

What the Mayor says: “Why would an eighth grader have on him an almost an exact replica of a police weapon? It is a dangerous time to be a police officer”

What the police did: Released a photo of a “replica gun” without a laser scope therefore not a picture of the toy gun taken into evidence but a picture of some other “replica gun”

What we know: Nothing besides what the police tell us



What do the body cameras show?: Last month the Columbus police department began testing 30 body cameras before implementing them department-wide.

What we don’t know?: We don’t know whether the officers involved were wearing body cameras, or had them turned on.

What the police say: “You have to feel for the family in this and you also have to think about what the officer’s going through,” Weiner told reporters late Wednesday. “There’s no winners here.”

What we know: There was at least one loser. Tyree King. He’s dead



What we don’t know for sure: Was Tyree carrying a toy gun? If so what did it actually look like as opposed to the “replica” the police showed us a photo of? What another suspect in the alley who was taken into custody had to say? There was a person who was “with King” that was interviewed and released. Apparently someone “with King” wasn’t arrested for the armed robbery which the group was suspected of?

What we do know: “No officers were hurt.” The officers are being offered psychological counseling for their grief.

More to come…


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