ENIGMA IN BLACK (Coming From All Directions)

Enigma In Black is one man’s opinion about matters primarily involving politics, education, and race. I suppose I should also add history because, without an understanding of the past, we’re doomed to repeat those mistakes. On the 7th of each month, I’ll publish a segment called, “Shadow Warriors” where I’ll focus on an individual/group that is doing significant work for good and is perhaps slightly unheralded. Blog posts will appear at least once a week, likely more often because I find I have a lot to say.

Trolls are welcome provided you comment with more than just memes. You must use your words in order for your comments to be approved. After your first comment is approved, all others will be automatically posted. There will be no censorship except for those unwilling or unable to remain civil to those who participate here.

Topics bound to keep coming up are Voter Suppression, Politics, and Systemic Injustice. On a lighter note, there will be posts about family, some poetry, and social commentary on whatever strikes my fancy.

My name is William Spivey. I’m a graduate of Fisk University which I credit for much of who I am. I reside in Orlando, Florida. I write to be heard and make a difference. Stay tuned for information about soon to be released books; “Strong Beginnings” and “Letters to Amber.”

7 thoughts on “ENIGMA IN BLACK (Coming From All Directions)”

  1. Very honorable of you to list your full name on here, not that I’m terribly afraid of being hunted down for my political opinions (more my crassness and poor attempts at humor). I didn’t start blogging until last summer, which was at least partially motivated by the presidential campaign. Excited to share thoughts and maybe even disagree once in a while.

    Blog on, blogger.

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  2. Bill,

    Not sure how to reach you. You helped me buy a house in 2010. I would like to purchase a new construction and sell my current home. Do you still work in the Orlando area?


    1. Thanks, sometimes I wonder how much of my time and energy I’m wasting among people with no interest in truly communicating, only being heard without the listening part. It is giving me a view of how existential the “Trump think” is, even among the highly educated.


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